The Results are in!

We have had a pretty good response to the survey with 40 people giving their feedback so far. But we need more! If you haven’t taken the survey, please visit The more community feedback we get, the better our chances of getting a license to garden the lot. Here are the results so far:

Almost 90% of respondents live in the area directly around the proposed garden. The rest live elsewhere in Brooklyn in zip codes 11233, 11221, and 11215.

100 Quincy zip codes of survey respondents

We asked:

How can the 100 Quincy lot best reflect your needs and those of the community?

100 quincy survey results question1

We will be required to host at least one event per year. What type of programming event would you be interested in creating?

100 quincy survey results question2

We have created three preliminary layouts of the garden. Which design do you feel best makes the space available to the community? See the designs here.

Quotes from respondents:

“This would be a great addition to the neighborhood”

“Green space is great! Thank you so much!”

“This is deperately needed!”

“Would be great to have the garden in the community in any form!”

“I’m really excited! I live at 420 classon, am a science teacher, and would love to get involved.”

“It would be great to convert that empty lot to a multifunctional community space including urban agriculture and opportunities for interaction and events. I fully support this project! Good luck! :)”

“I am so excited about working to grow this community garden!”

“Two things important to me are composting and rainwater collection.”

“As president of the Clexy Multi Block Association, I endorse this project and will help mobilize our 100+ members of the Classon, Quincy and Lexington area.” – Laura Benko, President, CLEXY

“I would like to see more involvement and engagement with the community rather than individuals (who may not live on the block) being assigned their own plot to garden. How can the youth be involved? Teaching gardening? Selling vegetables?”

“I think it’s important to make sure the space is maintained and people stay interested. This is truly a collaborative effort and it needs to be made sure that many people continue to be involved.”

“Looks great!”